Kick the Bucket

With a fickle minded personality like mine, it’s difficult to stick to a peculiar bucket list. And, yet strenuous is to plan out and accomplish the goal list. So, I decided to go forth jotting down my anti-bucket list. And astonishingly, I landed with a decent number of items to be thrown out of the bucket.

Kick-starting with anger, peer-comparison and idolizing somebody, I would never want any of these in my life. Anger doesn’t demand justification. However, I have never been able to place it out of the bucket even for a solar day. Comparisons are mostly personal perceptions and doesn’t qualify to charm my conscience. Nevertheless, I do get entrapped by their spells quite some times. Next, idolizing a person never make sense to me, as neither are we identical to any second person in matters of our potential, interests and dreams, nor do we share any sort of common life path and experiences. Nobody is perfect and none is master of all. Hence, it sounds good to learn from all and be like oneself.

Apart from these, I would never want to be teleported back in the day or future, lose my body parts in process, live alone, get drifted apart from my loved ones, die as an average being, face the extremities of wealth, read a self-help, turn out to be an arrogant and conceited person at any point of time or meet any sort of miserable demise (a peaceful ending would be welcomed).

The bucket avoids yet lot more stuffs, which could be summed up in these last few words :

would never want to quit what I love and would never desire to hate what I do

(do what you love OR love what you do).




What defines the truth ? May be evidences !! But, lack of evidence doesn’t imply lack of existence. So, how can I be sure of the irrefutable.

There are many realities. There are many versions of what may appear obvious. Whatever appears as the unshakeable truth, its exact opposite may also be true in another context. After all, one’s reality is but perception, viewed through various prisms of context.

We all are living in a world of fallacy. Everyone misunderstands and is totally misunderstood. Lifetime is spent in sorting out misapprehensions in relations. And when all is said and done, we stand perplexed.

We have developed the habit of living in illusion. Taking development into account, we believe ourselves to be scientifically well off but we are not. We are just discovering not inventing !!
Neither we have the gist of the great science of architecture, the Vastu-Shastra nor the system of medicine with historical roots, the Ayurveda. We havn’t been able to regenerate the somras which at one point of time was consumed by almost every denizen of Indus Valley Civilization. We profess to be great architects, but more than half of our constructions prove to be poor either in strength in midst of thousand year old monuments or in implementations of vastu-shastra. Whether it’s astronomy or astrology or any of the vedic texts, none of them is questionable if we get to understand them. Unfortunately, we are unable to comprehend them. Which implies everything is no less than a mirage for us and our ancestors were far closer to reality than we do.

Pondering on implications of karma and fate in our lives is still another mystery. If it’s the karma then do just intentions matter or only the result ? Similarly, if a man is a legend or not is decided by history and not fortune tellers, then what the prophesy of “Kali-yug” done ages ago, the forecast regarding the killing of Kansa by Krishna and many more similar have to do with human deeds? In the same way, if we consider to whom one marry is decided by discretion of a human mind, then what factors decide one’s birth-family ?
Indeed, we tend to have develop the habit of crediting all good to our karma and bad to our fate. We change the truth to our needs.

Still the quest is on !! Thanks to authors like Amish Tripathi, Ashwin Sanghi, Dan Brown and many other to bring the fictional works which could content us with evidences which we are unable to puzzle out in great epics.

el amor con el verano !!


Coz my b’day falls in summer……Coz I used to get long vacations in summer……Coz I can go for ice-cream in bumper amounts… and the list goes on…

Indeed, SUMMERS is the best time of the year.

The weather is delightful with extra daylight hours scattering alacrity all around. It’s finally the time to throw off those heavy coats and sweatshirts and to pull out those cozy cotton tees, linen dresses and madras shorts that can make one feel instantly lighter on one’s feet…Goshhh !!! What a relief…

Enjoying all those juicy and mouth-watering grapes, berries, mangoes and what not ??!! Eating Freezies and red-yellow popsicles all day long are delights of summer. The kitchen beams with sapid fruits and vegetables.

Oceans, lakes, pools and water-parks find their true worth on these hot days. Reading every magazine front to back, forgetting what day of the week it is, speaking aloud in front of table fan to hear trembling sounds adds awesomeness to vacations.

And at last, those soothing bare-foot long walks under starry sky after a tiring day are no less than frosting on the cake.

Can winters beat them out ?? I guess no…infact NEVER… and so…

I love summers !!


Sometimes I just wonder, what if life had given me an undo button. I could have very easily deleted all those years of life or those moments which are eroding my heart with regret and guilt. I could have corrected my mistakes along with the learning I got from my experiences.

Indeed in my past, I ruined so many situations. I overreacted on so many occasions. I misbehaved at many instances where I wasn’t supposed to. I haven’t opted for so many opportunities.

If there was a magical power, I could have backtracked through all of them and corrected.

Then, I won’t have been the one I am today…

Just a shift of priorities and an Undo button would have made life easier and happier.

Kaaashhhh… I could just rollback all that happened….

Unfortunately, life and river flows in one all we can do is go with the flow

P.S : I am not depressed and I am thankful for my life and experiences. Just I wonder if along with my experiences, life had an undo button (a chance) similar to a word document. Then life could have be handled at any point of time with Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y.

एक नजरिया…

कहने को हम हमेशा वही करते हैं जो हमे खुश करे पर वास्तव में हम यह बहुत कम बार समझ पाते हैं की हमे ख़ुशी किस चीज़ में मिल रही हैं, और मैं यहाँ “जरुरतो” की बात नहीं कर रही हूँ…

मान लीजिये आप रोज़ कोई खेल में विजय होए तो क्या आप खुश होंगे ?
बिलकुल हाँ !!
पर क्या आप पूर्ण रूप से संतुष्ट हैं ?
नहीं !!
आपको क्या चाहिए ?
शायद और उम्दा प्रतिद्वंदी या अप्रत्यक्ष रूप से एक हार जो आपमें जीतने का जज़्बा और उत्साह वापस ले आए |
कुछ ऐसा जो वो जलन और जोश लोट आए जो कभी खेल सीखते समय आपमें रहा करता था |
कहने को आप मात्र अपने नीरस जीवन में कुछ उत्साह भरना चाह रहे हो या कुछ नया सीखने की चाह प्रकट कर रहे हो परन्तु वास्तव में आपको उस परम सुख की चाह हैं जो केवल संतुष्ट हो कर प्राप्त हो सकता हैं |
और वह तृप्ति निरंतर जीत में कतई हासिल नहीं की जा सकती | वो आनंद पूर्णता में नहीं उसके प्रयत्नो में ही प्राप्त हो सकता हैं |

जीवन वह यात्रा हैं जिसका सुख या तो मंज़िल पर पहुँचते ही क्षण-मात्र में भोगा लिया जाए या उस तक पहुचने तक, ना की उसके बाद | इसलिए हमारे लिए आवश्यक हो जाता हैं की हमारे कर्म हमे ऐसी राह की और ले जाए जहाँ चुनौतियां हो, हार हो, त्रुटिया हो, अपूर्णता हो जिनसे हमे ख़ुशी एवं कुछ सीखने को मिले |

क्योंकि १००० हार के बाद जो एक जीत का मज़ा हैं वो १००० निरंतर जीत में नहीं…

What was the Context ??

Yes !! This is the question which forms the part of the aftermath.

It’s all the game of context. Lest we try to find out the back story, more than half of the situations can lead to misunderstandings. We don’t realize it, but we face it almost daily.

Lack of backdrop can best be understood in written communication. Here context just not stand for the point of subject, but also the mood, circumstances and surroundings of the person involved in communication.

Face to face or verbal communication has ample number of ways to manifest the then state of affairs but is not in the case of written. That’s why special care is taken in teaching written work as there words put up form one’s opinion.

Context isn’t necessary just in communication, but in every aspect of life. For an example, in school, a subject cannot be taught without giving it’s overview, which we term as “Introductionto the chapter.

Same is the case while judging and creating opinions about a person. As paraphrased,

                         “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”

This quote very well speak of the fact we all need to ponder on. Also, considering context can help us reduce our resentment and guilt over our past to a great extent, as it exhibits the most apt life to be lived at that very moment.

No matter CONTEXT has that vital a place to play in our daily life, we seldom put an effort to seek it at the correct time.

Yeah.. I am a gemini…

God damn !!!!

Somebody explain them “we can see the dual sides in equal proportion”.  We can feel the intensity of both the emotions to the same extent, unfortunately in fraction of seconds. Inspite of that, we are not crazy, not fools and definitely not confused.

we are GEMINI

Duality dwells deep in our cells.

Awful at making decisions. How can a person get out a dilemma when he favors both ways? To approve, one needs to reject. And to do so, one must prove it wrong with some solid reason, to convince oneself.
And that is a tough game. 😛

We are extrovert yet introvert. Obviously, the perfect ambivert.

We are talkative. At times,  our talks are no less than debates.
Infact, talking to oneself out loud is our inbuilt characteristic 😛
We can chatter with all, yet express nothing. People got to know absolutely no-thingggg !!! People rather blame us for not getting chance to speak when we are in conversation with them.
However, walking with poker face twice in a week and keeping mum for hours is must for us. (possibly, for reviving energy :P)

पल मे तोला पल में माषा

Mood swings find commonplace in our life.

Solitude is utmost necessary…but can’t go with loneliness.

We are not weird, but very special 😀

Is every excess nullified ??

I was scared of it. I tried to prevent it. But, it happened. I faced it recurrently.
(years passed)
A day at my home..
“Ohh…Let it be…I pay no heed to it. It’s usual…”
(A month back, in a fine restaurant)
“I like pav bhaji. It’s possibly the yummiest dish a taste-bud can have contact with. I can eat for ages”.
(A month leter)
“Please man !! anything will do for dinner, EXCEPT pav bhaji “
TV show craze, fashion trends, food, fear, hatred, boredom and the list continues…
Why is it that something felt with great intensity lose it’s charm very soon ?
Why does everything nullifies with time ??

hatred to apathy..
excitement to boredom..
passion to passiveness…

Perhaps, the reason is the fact that change is inevitable..
Time comes friendly to changes and play as catalyst.

what I wonder is, why this list doesn’t have love to be the one getting nullified with time.
Is it the fact that,
Unconditional love is the only exception which can stand the irrefutable waves of “Change”.

I believe…yes..

“Love the world around. Every bit of it.
Love it upto the threshold limit and test..”

I can bet and assure….

Love will definitely loving beat time and change. 😀


Human is no more humane..

the ruthless and vicious killing of animals….

People take pride to decorate the skin, bones and some parts of animal’s body in their dining hall. The rarer and closer to extinction a breed is, higher is the price paid to wipe off it’s last marks on mother earth and own the credits.There was a time when animals were killed for fear or for food. But now it’s just a delight. A well-armed person shows brutality on an unarmed animal. How unjust it is ?? It amazes me whom to call the ANIMAL, the victim or the inhumane.

When this folly and savage act will stop ???

A Start..

Sometimes all you need is 20 seconds of insane courage and I promise you something great will come from it. – We Bought A Zoo

Being a procrastinator, it was difficult for me to post for my first blog. And today, I worked for those 20 sec and here I am.

Neha, a software engineer by profession, craving to accomplish my recurrent dreams.