Yeah.. I am a gemini…

God damn !!!!

Somebody explain them “we can see the dual sides in equal proportion”.  We can feel the intensity of both the emotions to the same extent, unfortunately in fraction of seconds. Inspite of that, we are not crazy, not fools and definitely not confused.

we are GEMINI

Duality dwells deep in our cells.

Awful at making decisions. How can a person get out a dilemma when he favors both ways? To approve, one needs to reject. And to do so, one must prove it wrong with some solid reason, to convince oneself.
And that is a tough game. 😛

We are extrovert yet introvert. Obviously, the perfect ambivert.

We are talkative. At times,  our talks are no less than debates.
Infact, talking to oneself out loud is our inbuilt characteristic 😛
We can chatter with all, yet express nothing. People got to know absolutely no-thingggg !!! People rather blame us for not getting chance to speak when we are in conversation with them.
However, walking with poker face twice in a week and keeping mum for hours is must for us. (possibly, for reviving energy :P)

पल मे तोला पल में माषा

Mood swings find commonplace in our life.

Solitude is utmost necessary…but can’t go with loneliness.

We are not weird, but very special 😀


Is every excess nullified ??

I was scared of it. I tried to prevent it. But, it happened. I faced it recurrently.
(years passed)
A day at my home..
“Ohh…Let it be…I pay no heed to it. It’s usual…”
(A month back, in a fine restaurant)
“I like pav bhaji. It’s possibly the yummiest dish a taste-bud can have contact with. I can eat for ages”.
(A month leter)
“Please man !! anything will do for dinner, EXCEPT pav bhaji “
TV show craze, fashion trends, food, fear, hatred, boredom and the list continues…
Why is it that something felt with great intensity lose it’s charm very soon ?
Why does everything nullifies with time ??

hatred to apathy..
excitement to boredom..
passion to passiveness…

Perhaps, the reason is the fact that change is inevitable..
Time comes friendly to changes and play as catalyst.

what I wonder is, why this list doesn’t have love to be the one getting nullified with time.
Is it the fact that,
Unconditional love is the only exception which can stand the irrefutable waves of “Change”.

I believe…yes..

“Love the world around. Every bit of it.
Love it upto the threshold limit and test..”

I can bet and assure….

Love will definitely loving beat time and change. 😀