What was the Context ??

Yes !! This is the question which forms the part of the aftermath.

It’s all the game of context. Lest we try to find out the back story, more than half of the situations can lead to misunderstandings. We don’t realize it, but we face it almost daily.

Lack of backdrop can best be understood in written communication. Here context just not stand for the point of subject, but also the mood, circumstances and surroundings of the person involved in communication.

Face to face or verbal communication has ample number of ways to manifest the then state of affairs but is not in the case of written. That’s why special care is taken in teaching written work as there words put up form one’s opinion.

Context isn’t necessary just in communication, but in every aspect of life. For an example, in school, a subject cannot be taught without giving it’s overview, which we term as “Introductionto the chapter.

Same is the case while judging and creating opinions about a person. As paraphrased,

                         “don’t judge a man until you’ve walked a mile in his shoes”

This quote very well speak of the fact we all need to ponder on. Also, considering context can help us reduce our resentment and guilt over our past to a great extent, as it exhibits the most apt life to be lived at that very moment.

No matter CONTEXT has that vital a place to play in our daily life, we seldom put an effort to seek it at the correct time.