Sometimes I just wonder, what if life had given me an undo button. I could have very easily deleted all those years of life or those moments which are eroding my heart with regret and guilt. I could have corrected my mistakes along with the learning I got from my experiences.

Indeed in my past, I ruined so many situations. I overreacted on so many occasions. I misbehaved at many instances where I wasn’t supposed to. I haven’t opted for so many opportunities.

If there was a magical power, I could have backtracked through all of them and corrected.

Then, I won’t have been the one I am today…

Just a shift of priorities and an Undo button would have made life easier and happier.

Kaaashhhh… I could just rollback all that happened….

Unfortunately, life and river flows in one direction..so all we can do is go with the flow

P.S : I am not depressed and I am thankful for my life and experiences. Just I wonder if along with my experiences, life had an undo button (a chance) similar to a word document. Then life could have be handled at any point of time with Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y.


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