el amor con el verano !!


Coz my b’day falls in summer……Coz I used to get long vacations in summer……Coz I can go for ice-cream in bumper amounts… and the list goes on…

Indeed, SUMMERS is the best time of the year.

The weather is delightful with extra daylight hours scattering alacrity all around. It’s finally the time to throw off those heavy coats and sweatshirts and to pull out those cozy cotton tees, linen dresses and madras shorts that can make one feel instantly lighter on one’s feet…Goshhh !!! What a relief…

Enjoying all those juicy and mouth-watering grapes, berries, mangoes and what not ??!! Eating Freezies and red-yellow popsicles all day long are delights of summer. The kitchen beams with sapid fruits and vegetables.

Oceans, lakes, pools and water-parks find their true worth on these hot days. Reading every magazine front to back, forgetting what day of the week it is, speaking aloud in front of table fan to hear trembling sounds adds awesomeness to vacations.

And at last, those soothing bare-foot long walks under starry sky after a tiring day are no less than frosting on the cake.

Can winters beat them out ?? I guess no…infact NEVER… and so…

I love summers !!


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