Kick the Bucket

With a fickle minded personality like mine, it’s difficult to stick to a peculiar bucket list. And, yet strenuous is to plan out and accomplish the goal list. So, I decided to go forth jotting down my anti-bucket list. And astonishingly, I landed with a decent number of items to be thrown out of the bucket.

Kick-starting with anger, peer-comparison and idolizing somebody, I would never want any of these in my life. Anger doesn’t demand justification. However, I have never been able to place it out of the bucket even for a solar day. Comparisons are mostly personal perceptions and doesn’t qualify to charm my conscience. Nevertheless, I do get entrapped by their spells quite some times. Next, idolizing a person never make sense to me, as neither are we identical to any second person in matters of our potential, interests and dreams, nor do we share any sort of common life path and experiences. Nobody is perfect and none is master of all. Hence, it sounds good to learn from all and be like oneself.

Apart from these, I would never want to be teleported back in the day or future, lose my body parts in process, live alone, get drifted apart from my loved ones, die as an average being, face the extremities of wealth, read a self-help, turn out to be an arrogant and conceited person at any point of time or meet any sort of miserable demise (a peaceful ending would be welcomed).

The bucket avoids yet lot more stuffs, which could be summed up in these last few words :

would never want to quit what I love and would never desire to hate what I do

(do what you love OR love what you do).